Redshift Returns for Douarnenez Fastnet Solo Race

Alumni sailor Nick Cherry comments on being excited to be getting back into his Figaro Redshift after a year away from the class:

"For my second trip round the Fastnet rock this year the Douarnenez Fastnet Solo takes us from near Brest, around Wolf Rock to the Fastnet and then back to France.

The weather looks to be almost all upwind with a light, tricky start in among the rocks before a tactical channel crossing where it will be important to balance a small left shift with the strong tide. The Irish sea will be all about getting across a slow moving ridge of high pressure before maybe hoisting spinnakers as we head into the rock. On the way back we'll be chased by a cold front which could give quite a lot of breeze ahead of it or could swallow up the back markers in lighter conditions if it moves quickly."


"There's nineteen boats here who made up most of the top twenty at this year's solitaire. Getting a long way up the leader board with so little practice this year won't be easy so I'll mostly be focusing on staying in touch, sailing a stronger second half than I have before and enjoying the long nights..."